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100% of the profits from the sale of books will divided evenly and donated to these three organizations. Buy a book to help, or visit them directly to lend your support.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

After receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens and companies who want to help, Mayor Sylvester Turner and County Judge Ed Emmett have established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund that will accept your tax-deductible flood relief donations for victims affected by the recent floods.

Houston Food Bank

The Houston Food Bank is here to help people whose lives were up-ended by Harvey.  We’re in it for the long haul.  And they need your help. Find out how to get help, and find out what you can do to help others. You can directly support the Food Bank’s Harvey Disaster Relief efforts here.

Houston Human Society

The Houston Humane Society is is working to free up space for the influx of stray and displaced animals we expect to need shelter in the coming days and weeks. You can also give directly to their Hurricane Harvey fund to earmark your donation to go directly towards our relief efforts

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Help Needed Now

The people of Houston and surrounding areas need our help now, to ensure people are safe, warm, and sheltered.

Against the Storm

Most all the books we’re offering are print editions: easily shared and read by anyone. Buy and read, donate, or give as gifts.

100% of Profits

100% of the profits from the sale of each book go to support Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. On average, that’s 20% or more of the purchase price.

Backed by Ingram

Books Against the Storm is built atop Aerio, an Ingram Content Group company. Ingram is the largest publishing content company in the world. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Buy a book. Support Hurricane Harvey recovery.

Please buy a book, any book. 100% of the profits on each sale go to Harvey recovery.
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Invention Arts

Invention Arts

Producer. Supporter.

Invention Arts is a San Francisco-based, media-centric design and product innovation firm. We originally created Aerio, and we’re proud to play a role in supporting the Harvey recovery effort. We have family in Houston hard hit, along with thousands of others, by the storm and its aftermath, and appreciate your support.

Aerio Retail Network

Aerio Retail Network

Independent bookselling for everyone.

Aerio makes every point of engagement a point of sale for publishers, authors, booksellers, and to help raise funds for efforts like Books Against the Storm. With 14mm books, setting up a bookselling program is easy, and it’s free.

Ingram Content Group

Ingram Content Group

Aerio is an Ingram company

A dedicated partner for publishers, retailers, educators, and libraries, Ingram Content Group is working towards a vision of a world where anyone, no matter where they are, has easy access to the books they want.

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